Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I will get back to the Midnight Folk.


Tonight, though, I watched the season finale (well,the final two episodes) of Tower Prep on the Cartoon Network. I was kvetching about the show a couple of weeks ago. It started strong (The Prisoner, but set in a prep school), and then the four main characters seemed to turn into lazily written flat characters: the jock, the clown, the pretty girl, the slightly less pretty girl -- and they got lazy, and the two girls seemed to be only interested in boys. BOOOOOOOOORRRING.

But I did keep watching. Last week's episodes were much better, in that we started to learn more interesting things about the backstory of the school, and the relationships between the characters started to become more complicated.

This week's episodes were wonderful. They worked really well, because the plot lines, honestly, were simple, and so the complexities between the characters themselves became what moved the story forward. In previous episodes, there's been a tendency to do the opposite -- to have an intricate story that really leaves no room for anything more than four flat archetypes. We saw, for the first time, major tension between the Fab Four, and it had little to do with who really likes who (and thus it escaped falling into the realm of cliche).

If you have a tween, or teen who likes adventure shows, I think s/he might enjoy this. You both might get a little annoyed at the mid-season, but maybe you won't -- or maybe only you will. And the last five episodes pick right up and fly.

I really hope it comes back for a second season.

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