Monday, December 6, 2010

#reverb10 - Day 6 - Making!

Make. What was the last thing you made? What materials did you use? Is there something you want to make, but you need to clear some time for it? (Author: Gretchen Rubin)

Things I've made recently:

1. Cookies, for myself, and crackers, and pizza dough -- this is the first time I've really gotten into gluten-free baking, and I am dying, if only metaphorically, to try out this recipe from the Gluten-Free Girl for GF gingerbread.

2. A last-minute trip to London, to be part of the Blake Society's 25th Birthday Party at Tate Britain.

3. A surprise present for a friend, because I was picking up a book in London that I knew we'd both want, and that she was unlikely to have (she didn't). These sorts of surprise packages are one of my favorite things to make. They don't have to be expensive -- just something unexpected.

Things I'm in the middle of making:

1. A dissertation

2. A hollowed-out Loeb Classic wallet, for my friend Kate. This will be the second one I've made, and I'm improving some of my design choices from the first version. So far, so good -- but I need to finish it!

Things I want to make:

1. Dorie Greenspan's Hachis Parmentier

2. Braised Pork With Chiles and Cumin, by the Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef -- but doing so would require me to have a slow cooker, and I haven't got one. Bah.

3. A syllabus and course plan for my Political Theory juxtaposed with YA Lit course. Not saying anything more about that is the best thing here -- because it puts more pressure on me to actually write the whole thing, and get it out of my head.


  1. What's a hollowed out Loeb Classic Wallet? A wallet made from a book? A wallet for a book? I am intrigued...

  2. A wallet made from a book, specifically a little Loeb Classic (since the translations are old enough to be unsuitable for much else besides gutting), with a magnetic clasp, and sized to hold a smartphone, a few cards, and a bit of cash.

    I used my first version all summer in London, with great success, until a BL security guard got rough with it. I need to reinforce my original (except that it's actually still in London), but I took different steps with the second one to make it far less fragile. Pictures when it's finished! (I got enough compliments on mine that I'm contemplating selling them on Etsy).

  3. Oh, that's awesome. I will look out for the pics. (And the Etsy store!)

  4. Re #3, have you had a chance to read Kage Baker's The Bird of the River? It's her last book, marketed as fantasy but could do equally well as YA. I had a conversation with someone last week about how it could work as subtle introduction to some of the ideas around systemic privilege and intersectionality. I don't know if this would fit into your syllabus, but it seems like it might; in any case, it's an excellent book and well-worth reading in its own right.

  5. You know, I haven't read ANY Kage Baker. I need to. It looks like The Bird of the River is the last of a trilogy -- do I need to read the earlier volumes first?

  6. That sounds adorable!(The Loeb Classic Wallet, that is.)